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How to order

Make Check out to Barry Williams / Mail to:  Barry Williams, 11209 Wamplers Lake Rd, Brooklyn Mi 49230-9001  Please add your phone number on your order.


Contact:   ICE MAN Barry Willams - CP# 517-937-2192 / I'll get back if I can't answer.



      " SPOOKY'S "by Barry Williams




Welcome to my Website!              I've got Bugs    MADE IN USA

My name is Barry Williams (AKA ICE MAN ) - I'm a fisherman from Michigan with a hobby of making Fishing Bugs for fishing friends. My favorites are Tungsten Bead-Heads and the Spooky Spider, a closed foam spider. These spiders are much like the old rubber spider, but with improved materials, workmanship and a few new twists.

BUGS & FLYS, Tungsten - A new ice fishing knock-out-punch with Tungsten Bead-Head.

SPOOKY SPIDER FLOATERS - Fly Rod / or Spinning Rod with Fly Cast Bobber ( Clear bobber ).

Other BUGS & FLY'S - Without Tungsten Bead Heads.


SPRING-SUMMER, be sure to look at the Spooky Spiders ( Floaters ).


HAND MADE " SPOOKY " JIGS & FLYS - The greatest new site on the Internet!




New Tungsten Ant


Custom built fishing bugs, Ice and Open Water by BARRY WILLIAMS

Tungsten Bead-Head Jigs and Flys are my Ice Fishing Speciality - but I will make to order.

 Tungsten Bead Jigs

The Ice Bugs and Jigs below are made with Tungsten Beads - different designs. None of my bugs come apart. The hook sizes are 10, 12, 14, 16.

Size Chart - Applies to all Spooky Bugs. Picture is showing Spooky Tungsten Road Kill 


Mixture of Tungsten bead head Road Kill.


Tungsten bead head - Road Kill


Spooky " Fresh Water Shrimp " ( T-Bead & No Bead Slow Sink ).


Tungsten Bead Hair Fly's

The Black & White Stinky  ( Can be made in any color )



Spooky " Tungsten Larva "                        Tungsten Hair Larva



Spooky Tungsten Freshwater Shrimp  


Spooky " Michigan Rig Flys " - these are not weighted, slow-sink ( Often used 1 foot or so above a Jig ). When the fur gets wet, it flutters - great action / smaller than picture .....


Floating Spooky Spiders for Fly Rod, or Spinning Rod with use of a fly cast bobber ARE VERY FISHY. 

Spooky's   Panfish, size 12 & 14 hooks .. both sizes get the same results. Don't forget your Hemostats for removing ><>.


Colors are:  Orange, Black, Red, Yellow, Olive, chartreuse, Brown, Tan, Royal Blue, Purple, White, Green, Gray, Pink & Hot Pink.


Back at dark.

SPOOKY'S          A fun way to fish !


My dad and I at Ice Fishing Contest.


My son Jason and I.



17" 2.9 pounds Feb 2010




General Information.

My Ice Fishing Bugs are all very fishy, even good on the tough bite - tried and tested.

Spooky Spiders catch fish /  the top water just explodes - more fun and excitement than one can bear - LOL.

I will build custom jigs, flys and spiders upon request / always some on hand.



 Article written about Ice Man Barry   http://www.fishininformer.com/archive/articletype/articleview/articleid/3364/roadkill-for-panfish

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Sounds - Click on the following sound waves >

chickadee.wav   ( The little feather that's always there )

animal_sounds_23-frog.mp3     ( On the pond / Let it play - gets loud )