Spooky Spiders, Bugs & Tungsten Bead Head Flies $1 ea  .......... Larger Tungsten Jigs $1.50 ea    

 Packaging & Shipping $3.00 / may be more for large orders.

 " It's a Bugs World " 

How to order

Make Check out to Lois Williams / Mail to:  Lois Williams, 13695 County Line Rd, Brooklyn Mi 49230-9001  Please add your phone number on your order.





Contact:   ICE MAN Barry Willams - CP# 517-937-2192 / I'll get back if I can't answer.



      " SPOOKY'S "by Barry Williams




Welcome to my Website!              I've got Bugs

My name is Barry Williams (AKA ICE MAN ) - I'm a fisherman from Michigan with a hobby of making Fishing Bugs for fishing friends. My favorites are Tungsten Bead-Heads and the Spooky Spider, a closed foam spider. These spiders are much like the old rubber spider, but with improved materials, workmanship and a few new twists.

BUGS & FLYS, Tungsten - A new ice fishing knock-out-punch with Tungsten Bead-Head.

SPOOKY SPIDER FLOATERS - Fly Rod / or Spinning Rod with Fly Cast Bobber ( Clear bobber ).

Other BUGS & FLY'S - Without Tungsten Bead Heads.


SPRING-SUMMER, be sure to look at the Spooky Spiders ( Floaters ).


HAND MADE " SPOOKY " JIGS & FLYS - The greatest new site on the Internet!




Custom Hand Painted Tungsten Jigs by Barry Williams size 2.5  3.0  4.0 mm, Silver, School Bus Yellow, Pink, Green, Black, Purple, Orange, Red, White, White Glow, Robin Egg Blue ..... $1.50 ea SPOOKY


Custom built fishing bugs, Ice and Open Water by BARRY WILLIAMS

Tungsten Bead-Head Jigs and Flys are my Ice Fishing Speciality - but I will make to order.

 Tungsten Bead Jigs

The Ice Bugs and Jigs below are made with Tungsten Beads - different designs. None of my bugs come apart. The hook sizes are 10, 12, 14, 16.

Size Chart - Applies to all Spooky Bugs. Picture is showing Spooky Tungsten Road Kill 


Mixture of Tungsten bead head Road Kill.


Tungsten bead head - Road Kill


Spooky " Fresh Water Shrimp " ( T-Bead & No Bead Slow Sink ).


Tungsten Bead Hair Fly's

The Black & White Stinky  ( Can be made in any color )



Spooky " Tungsten Larva "                        Tungsten Hair Larva



Spooky Tungsten Freshwater Shrimp  


Spooky " Michigan Rig Flys " - these are not weighted, slow-sink ( Often used 1 foot or so above a Jig ). When the fur gets wet, it flutters - great action / smaller than picture .....


Floating Spooky Spiders for Fly Rod, or Spinning Rod with use of a fly cast bobber ARE VERY FISHY. 

Spooky's   Panfish, size 12 & 14 hooks .. both sizes get the same results. Don't forget your Hemostats for removing ><>.


Colors are:  Orange, Black, Red, Yellow, Olive, chartreuse, Brown, Tan, Royal Blue, Purple, White, Green, Gray, Pink & Hot Pink.


Back at dark.

SPOOKY'S          A fun way to fish !


My dad and I at Ice Fishing Contest.


My son Jason and I.



17" 2.9 pounds Feb 2010




General Information.

My Ice Fishing Bugs are all very fishy, even good on the tough bite - tried and tested.

Spooky Spiders catch fish /  the top water just explodes - more fun and excitement than one can bear - LOL.

I will build custom jigs, flys and spiders upon request / always some on hand.



 Article written about Ice Man Barry   http://www.fishininformer.com/archive/articletype/articleview/articleid/3364/roadkill-for-panfish

Another Article  http://www.blogsmonroe.com/fishing/2008/02/whats-a-2-lb-crappie-look-like/

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Sounds - Click on the following sound waves >

chickadee.wav   ( The little feather that's always there )

animal_sounds_23-frog.mp3     ( On the pond / Let it play - gets loud )